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Volkl Cashew Split Set

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£ 860.00
Out of stock

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"Cashew Split Set" Product Description

Sidecut 307/257/297 mm
Turn Radius 8.55m
Recommended Use Snowboard
The backcountry is yours: Super light split board for endless adventures off piste. Just like the Cashew, the Cashew Split Kit is the perfect choice for any backcountry adventure thanks to maximum float, shock-absorbing wooden sidewalls with TPU dampening and a weight-saving as well as eco-friendly No-Topsheet Construction. But at the same time, the board is not just a split Cashew: Super light carbon replaces veneer wood reinforcements saving additional weight for an easygoing hiking experience. Furthermore, the insert positions have a bit more set back − hello powder runs! You even have the option to ride the board as a short tail on the very back position. The flex is a bit stiffer as the Cashew's to provide for better hiking characteristics and more stability at high speed. With the unique Völkl Skin Pin System you can set up the custom-fit skins within the blink of an eye, after you have cleaned the base with the skin bag's micro fleece part. Only a few movements and you convert your board into two wide touring skis or the other way around. Without any tools at all! No question that you as well as the environment will profit from the eco-friendly Cashew Split!

All Mountain Powder Rocker: This rocker is longer and more concave in the nose than in the tail, which results in maximum float in powder. In the backcountry it offers you playful riding characteristics without sacrificing grip and precise edge-to-edge turns

  • No-Topsheet Construction: reduces weight, & disclaims unnecessary plastic and protects the environment.
  • Tip-To-Tail Supreme Woodcore: made of strips of Aspen-Falcatta wood with four strips of Falcatta being integrated in the Aspen core, resulting in the best dampening and flex properties & providing outstanding performance.
  • Traditional Shock Absorber: This consists of one single hard wood layer inserted where the core tapers down. Together with a V-Flex inlay the Shock Absorber makes the board stronger with better torsion properties.
  • Directional Freestyle Sidecut: The more moderate, directional sidecut has been tuned to work perfectly with a setback of 20 mm. Therefore the boards ride more direct and allow fast edge-to-edge turning. The shape and its playful riding characteristics are the best buddy for freestyle moves in the park, while the longer nose offers more flotation in powder. Nose and tail are not identical but these boards can also be ridden with a setback of 0 mm.
  • 6x2 Insert System for Voilé Split Kit Bindings: With the 6x2 Insert Systems, the insert rows are separated by 2 cm only. This way the stance can be set more exactly − down to the precise centimeter. Adjustments on binding discs will be limited to the centering of bindings.
  • Wooden Sidewalls with TPU Dampening: Lab tests showed that wooden sidewalls have a more balanced flex curve than conventional ABS sidewalls without sacrificing stability! This TPU dampening is a thermal-plastic polyurethane which is especially flexible.
  • Reinforced Sidewalls: coated with high-quality fiberglass, to add stability and improve durability without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Sandwich Construction: Located between the upper and lower beams on the board's sides is an ABS synthetic sidewall which has been integrated to directly transmit pressure from the binding onto the edge without loss of power. The board gives a very responsive feel, providing maximum edge grip and the smoothest ride possible.
  • Tip Protector: stylish aluminum protects the nose from rocks and other hazards.
  • Hardwood Veneer: The environment benefits from this veneer inlay and so does your performance. The inlay strengthens the woodcore in the upper and lower layer on the full length of the board. This provides more pop and lively riding characteristics, while at the same time reducing the amount of fiberglass and therefore doing something good for our planet.
  • Sintered Recycled Base: made of off-cuts and by-products offers the same high quality as a regular base, but gives our planet some love.
  • Convex Powder Base: elevated sidewalls and rounded base on the sides towards the edges − it seems as if the edges were floating in the air without even touching the rail. No more edge-catching slams, just more fun onboard! Boards with these bases are particularly playful and forgiving while they offer massive flotation in powder due to reduced flow resistance.
  • Fine Stone Finish: a good stone finish is the best base structure for almost all snow conditions.
  • Skin Pin System: used in touring skiing for the fast and easy set up of skins. To hitch the skins, two loops are integrated into the nose of the board. Turned around by 90 degrees, the lock that is set up in the skins, can be hitched and anchored to the loop.
  • Custom-Fit Kohla Skins & Skin Bag with Micro Fleece Lining: 65% mohair, 35% PES polyester. Great gliding characteristics of mohair with the durability and retention forces of PES. On the front, the skins are equipped with the Völkl Skin Pin System and on the back with a "Cobra claw"; they are custom-fit for the Cashew Split boards' shape. The transport skin bag has a soft Micro Fleece lining for cleaning and drying the base before winding up the skins.
  • NOTE: The kit does NOT include crampons or bindings.
  • Effective Edge: 1240mm
  • Insert: 22/30mm. Stance 53cm min/59cm med/65 cm max.
  • Sidecut: 307/257/297 mm (162)
  • Radius: 8.55 (162)

If you have any queries, please contact one of our technical advisors.
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