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"Bike Pod" Product Description

Adds a new mode to your Suunto t6 by measuring cycling speed and distance. While cycling, Suunto Bike Pod enables you to measure your speed and distance, as well as heart rate, altitude and time, with your Suunto t6, creating one of the most advanced cycling-specific training tools available. This results in a more complete picture of your training as well as enhanced functionality of your wristop computer and Suunto Training Manager software. Suunto Bike Pod Story Suunto Bike Pod is a light weight, wireless accessory for your Suunto t6 that enables you to measure and record speed and distance information from your ride. The Suunto Training Manager software can then add speed profiles and graphs for post-training analysis. The Bike Pod attaches securely and easily to the hub of your front wheel where it is protected by the fork. Once the Bike Pod is paired with your Suunto t6 you can set alarms that alert you during your ride if you stray outside, either above or below, the speed limits you have set yourself. Cycling speed and distance are displayed, as well as automatic lap times and speed alarms, making it an invaluable tool for interval training. Deeper Understanding Suunto Bike Pod measures your speed and distance from the rotation of your front wheel via a separate spoke magnet, which is attached to a spoke. Once calibrated, the Bike Pod transmits highly accurate speed and distance measurements to your Suunto t6 which are displayed throughout your ride. The Bike Pod is calibrated easily by inputting information about the circumference of your wheel into your t6. To attach the Bike Pod, you don't need to modify your bike, and if your front wheel has a quick release, you can mount the Pod without any tools. Information in Action While cycling, Suunto Bike Pod provides real-time data to your Suunto t6 about your current speed, distance from the start and lap distances. It is a great asset in distance-based interval training and can automatically record lap times. Data is sent from the Bike Pod to your t6 digitally using ANT transmission technology which eliminates interference from other devices in the vicinity. This means that even when cycling in the large crowds of a race or competition you can be sure that the information you receive is accurate and personal. When racing in a paceline, cyclists will find the automatic distance alarm useful for indicating when it's time to pull off and take a break at the back of the group. The Suunto Bike Pod adds a new layer to the functionality of your wristop computer. By combining speed and distance data with physiological data such as heart rate and oxygen consumption you are provided with a much fuller picture of your training experience and can follow the correlation between speed/distance and your body's performance. The heart rate and speed alarms enable you to monitor and adjust your training, while cycling, so that it best matches your individual training goals.
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