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Dynafit Seven Summits 2.0 Skis, Speedskins and TLT Speed Bindings

Testing out this lightweight, versatile ski touring pack from Dynafit.
The snow leopard is well-known as the logo for the Austrian brand, Dynafit. Bought up by the Salewa Group in 2003, the snow leopard symbol perfectly embodies the company's values: speed, performance and technology. There's no doubt that Dynafit is a pioneer brand in the world of ski mountaineering and ski touring and is leading the way with new innovations in equipment for these winter sports.

This season, Dynafit has developed a new version of the Seven Summits, which is one of their most popular touring skis. The Seven Summits 2.0 now has wider dimensions (82mm waist - 171 cm) and is even lighter at just 2.5 kg per pair. It is also more rigid, with a lighter and more resilient tip, a super lightweight Paulownia wood core and a top layer of biaxial fiber reinforced fiberglass, Titanal plate and Carbon Quadrax insert.

The use of carbon in the construction increases the stiffness of the ski without increasing the weight, making it more responsive on all kinds of snow and at high speeds. The latest technology is used for the Flex Tip, which uses carbon to allow a thinner and lighter spatula, for easier turn initiation and to save energy. This carbon construction also absorbs impact and vibration more efficiently, transforming the Seven Summits 2.0 into an even more versatile ski compared to the previous model.

Dynafit Seven Summits 2.0 touring skis
As Timothée explains in the video: "The Seven Summits 2.0 is the SUV of ski touring. It adapts to all situations and terrain. Highly versatile and easy to handle, the Seven Summits 2.0 ski is perfect for use on all types of snow and terrain and performs exceptionally in competition or for multi-day tours and adventure racing in changing snow."

It also incorporates a Rocker tip. This slight rise provides valuable assistance during turn initiation. If the old model was forgiving, this new version is even more so. It is also extremely precise. The tapered tail facilitates coming out of a turn and makes it easier to fit into your backpack's ski attachment.

New dimensions of the Seven Summits 2.0 Skis

  • Use: 100% ski touring
  • Construction: Micro Sidewall, a Paulownia wood core, upper layer of fiber is reinforced with fiberglass, Titanal and Carbon Fiber Quadrax insert with highly resistant ABS sidewalls to absorb impact and reduce overall weight.
  • Dual radius: a combination of a larger radius at the front and a smaller radius at the back for neutral behavior on both the entry and exit of a turn. The reduced radius at the tail allows more control and precision at speed and on steep slopes.
  • Scoop Rocker: the lightweight tip acts as a bumper for a smooth ride when skiing on crusty or corn snow. It also facilitates turn initiation.
  • Compatible with ski skins with Dynafit system: Speedskins are time saving and offer optimum grip.
  • Sintered graphite coating on base makes it extremely robust and allows maximum wax absorption.
  • Sidecut for 163cm: 114.5/81/101mm. Turn radius: 17.5/15.5m. Approximate weight 1160 g per ski.
  • Sidecut for 171cm: 115.5/82/102mm. Turn radius: 19.5/17m. Approximate weight 1255 g per ski.

The Dynafit Seven Summits 2.0 Speedskins have been specifically tailored to ensure maximum comfort of use and performance on all kinds of snow.

Speedskins for the Seven Summits 2.0 skis
The Speedskins provide good downhill glide and great uphill grip and help prevent a build-up of snow. A special middle membrane stops water absorption and improves the skin's edge seals.

The skins are tear resistant and do not wrinkle easily. The Dynafit Stretch System provides the ideal attachment between skin and ski tail. Snow and ice is prevented from getting under the skin, which is tightly wrapped around the tip. Freeride Tourers, Ski Tourers and Ski Runners will all appreciate the comfort and performance of the Speedskins.

What our tester has to say: "This is a unique system, developed by Dynafit, to make life easier for ski tourers. The skins are fixed to a slot in the ski tip and tail, which saves time and ensures that the skin sticks to the skis perfectly, even when wet."

The skins are attached to the slot in the tip and tail.

  • One size available for each ski length.
  • Specially designed for the Dynafit Seven Summits 2.0 skis.
  • Not compatible with Seven Summits models from previous years.
  • Approximate Weight: 208g (171cm).

Dynafit TLT Speed Radical Bindings: Lightweight and Comfortable (700g per pair) The TLT Speed Radical bindings are one of the most lightweight and comfortable ski touring bindings on the market. This model is an evolution of the TLT Speed and is intended for all ski tourers looking for lightweight material with maximum efficiency.

TLT Speed Radical bindings: lightweight and comfortable
One of the most beneficial innovations is the length adjustment range. From +/- 12.5 mm, this corresponds to roughly four sizes. The new rear Speed Step heel lift has been changed, so there is no need to rotate the heel. The Torx screws reduce weight. Overall, the TLT Speed Radical bindings stand out for their low weight and comfort of use for the most demanding ski tourers.

TLT Speed Radical Speed Step heel lift
What our tester has to say: "The Dynafit bindings are one of the lightest on the market. At 700 g per pair this is really appreciated on the uphill climb."


  • No additional plate.
  • Speed Step heel lift has two height settings. Heel rotation is not necessary.
  • Side Towers for quick binding entry with QSI-Inserts and greater side impact resistance.
  • Optimized eccentric cam.
  • Durable baseplate with simplified, optimized mounting pattern, that uses four Torx screws instead of 5.
  • Safety leash included.
  • Material: Forged Aluminum 7075, CrMo steel, stainless steel and high-strength plastic.
  • DIN: 4-10.
  • Approx. weight per binding: 341 g.

TLT Speed Radical front binding
"This ski touring set will excel on all kinds of snow and terrain. Perfect for day tours as well as for multi-day adventure racing in chang
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