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Care Plus Deet 50% Spray 60 ml

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"Deet 50% Spray 60 ml" Product Description

Recommended Use Travel
Care Plus brand anti-insect spray. A highly effective repellent product that is applied directly to the skin and is suitable for traveling to tropical destinations with risks of malaria, dengue or yellow fever, although we can also use it in European regions.

It is effective against all types of bites or bites, against mosquitoes, horseflies, ticks, ... and must be applied to all areas of bare and exposed skin. A single gel is enough for trips of two or three weeks in daily use.

It works in the most extreme climatic and environmental conditions and should only be applied during the stay in the areas of greatest risk of transmission of tropical diseases such as malaria or yellow fever.

  • Effective against mosquitoes, horseflies, ticks, ...
  • Lasting for two or three weeks of daily use as prescribed.
  • It should be applied to all areas of exposed skin.
  • Concentration: 50% DEET.
  • Composition: N, N-Diethyl-Toluamide 50%; 96% ethanol 49.9%; Denatonium benzoate.
  • Effective for 10 hours for most insects (5 hours for bed bugs, ticks and lice).
  • Volume: 60 ml.
  • Approximate weight: 80 g.

DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) is a chemical compound that has proven to be the most effective repellent against all types of insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, horseflies, fleas, bed bug and louse, thus avoiding the transmission of diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, typhus or bubonic plague.

Being an extremely toxic product, DEET is added Bitrex (Denatonium benzoate), the most bitter substance known, to avoid the risk of ingestion. Furthermore, a series of precautions must be taken during its conservation, application and use.

  • Apply DEET only once a day.
  • Apply the product evenly with the palm of the hand. Do not spray directly onto the face, but spread a small amount over the face with your fingers.
  • Wash your hands well and apply DEET to the back of your hands, keeping your fingers clean because they can be used to put food in the mouth or drinks.
  • Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. If necessary, it is only recommended to use from the second trimester of pregnancy and never in concentrations higher than 30%.
  • DEET 30% is suitable for children from 3 years and DEET 50% from 6 years.
  • Do not apply DEET on wounds or burns. Also avoid on mucous membranes, eyes, nose, nostrils, mouth or lips. Likewise, in young children, do not apply the product in areas that can be easily brought to the mouth or eyes, such as hands and forearms.
  • Do not apply DEET under clothing or in areas of the skin that fold like armpits, hamstrings or the socket of the elbow.
  • Do not smoke while applying DEET or do so in small or poorly ventilated spaces such as the interior of a car or a tent.
  • If it is to be used together with sun cream, apply sun cream first and wait 20 minutes before applying DEET. Apply DEET at least 10 minutes before direct sunlight.
  • DEET rapidly degrades certain materials such as plastics and lacquered surfaces. Avoid spilling at all costs, as well as contact with spectacle frames, cameras, tables ...

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