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Deuter: German Quality and Efficiency Since 1898

Hans Deuter founded the company of his name in 1898 to make bags, backpacks and tents. They soon became the official supplier of the Bavarian Royal Mail, making bags for the postal workers.

That's how it all began. More than a century later, Deuter is still considered as a brand of confidence in relation to backpacks and sleeping bags for the outdoors, with a reputation that extends to mountaineers, trekkers, hikers and nature lovers in general, all around the world.

Deuter has been at the forefront of many important events in the industry. They were the backpacks, sleeping bags and tents that Willi Rickmer used on his exploration of the Pamir in the 1920s. They were the backpacks, sleeping bags and tents used by the German expedition to the Nanga Parbat of 1934. And also the backpack that Anderl Heckmair carried in 1938, for the first climb of the north of the Eiger.

Deuter were the backpacks and tents used on the expedition of Hermann Buhl that in 1953 made the first summit in the history of the Nanga Parbat. The great Peter Habeler always used Deuter materials on his expeditions, being also a tester and adviser of the brand, and Gerlinde Kanterbrunner summitted the fourteen eight-thousanders using the new ranges of backpacks for female climbers from Deuter.

The members of the German Association of Mountain and Ski Guides have also been technical advisers since 1997.

Their innovations have always been ground breaking. They have revolutionized backpacks and tents over the years, with milestones such as in 1968 when they were the first to manufacture a nylon backpack, reducing weight and increasing resistance, or in 1984 when they created the Aircomfort backrest system with a grid, which is still being copied today.

For over a decade, in addition to continuing to manufacture backpacks, sleeping bags and tents of extreme quality and excellent design for professionals and all types of mountain lovers, Deuter is committed to the environment. They use responsible manufacturing as part of Bluesign: all of their materials meet strict criteria regarding the origin of the raw materials and the manufacturing process, without animal suffering and without environmental damage. Since 2011 they have also worked with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which guarantees the highest standard in terms of work and social conditions; The working conditions of its production partners in Asia, as well as the company's headquarters in Gersthofen, are analyzed systematically by the foundation.

If we had to summarize in a few words, after all that has been said, we can state that this brand provides outdoor lovers absolute confidence and provides materials of the highest quality.

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