Video: Adam Ondra Attempting 9c (5.15d) in Flatanger

Watch as Adam Ondra works the inverted crux moves on "Project Hard" in Norway's Flatanger Cave

Right now in the sport climbing world, there are two projects that are considered to be some of the most difficult climbs ever attempted.

The first is "Le Blond Project", located next to La Dura Dura in Oliana, Spain, belonging to Chris Sharma, and promises to be a 9c (5.15d). Just a few weeks ago, we published a video of the route that the American is taking in order to complete it.

The second is in Flatanger, Norway and being done by Adam Ondra. He is calling it “Project hard” and it also looks to be a 9c (5.15d).

It is hard to judge which of the two are actually more difficult. Both have their intricacies and special moves but either way, once completed, they will raise the bar of grading climbing difficulty.

Reaching its limit, and how could it not be, advances in degree no longer occur every year. Seems like it is happening more often every decade instead so we might have to wait another ten years before seeing feats like this again!

Video courtesy of cuerdas Tendon, sponsor of Adam Ondra

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