Daniel Amat and Lourdes Palao Win the Gran Trail Aneto-Posets

108 kilometres among the highest peaks in the Spanish Pyrenees

Daniel Amat claims his third consecutive win of the GTAP
The village of Benasque was brimming on July 22nd, 23rd and 24th, as it was holding its most important trail running event of the year. The third edition of the Gran Trail Aneto-Posets took place in the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park, in the Spanish Pyrenees and no fewer than five races were held over the three days.

The Gran Trail Aneto-Posets is the most gruelling, with a distance of 108km and height gain of 6,700m. La Vuelta al Aneto is a 58km circuit around the highest peak in the Pyrenees, with 3,400m height gain. Then comes the Maratón de Las Tucas, a 42km marathon with 2500m of elevation gain. There are also races for the less ambitious. La Vuelta al Pico Cerler has a distance of 22.5km with 1230m height gain and finally La Vuelta al molino de Cerler 9km race with a 450m vertical drop.

In total 3000 runners took advantage of the trails in the valley. The participation of volunteers was tremendous and we thank them for their enthusiasm and generosity.
Benasque Valley is the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees and home to the first Barrabes store. This village is the starting point for setting off to Aneto (3,404 m), the highest peak in the Pyrenees.

The accumulation of snow on this 2016 course was still very present, which forced the organization to add crampons to the mandatory kit. The most difficult point was the descent from Salenques col (2,808m), but participants were pleased to find that the snow was in good condition and the fixed rope installed for the race allowed all runners to cross the snowfield safely.

The winner this year is no stranger to the podium. Daniel Amat won his third consecutive Gran Trail Aneto-Posets, beating his own record by 7 minutes. He completed the 108 km and 6700 meters height gain in just 17:10:28. A true performance!, considering the second runner arrived 45 minutes later.

Mid-way through the race, the Gran Trail returns to the town Benasque. A surprising coincidence was that Daniel Amat passed through the village just as the Marathon of Las Tucas was starting. Participants formed a corridor applauding him, which was a real highlight of the weekend.

This year, the Gran Trail attracted two runners from the UK, so well done to Charlie Butcher (99th place) and Mathew Chataway (100th place). Other countries outside Spain, participating this year, include: Portugal, Andorra, France, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and as far away as the USA and Peru.

This trail coincides with the first loop of the Gran Trail. Participants endured the same conditions, which included the snowfields on the north side of the circuit. The terrain changes from trails to scree and large rocks. The Vuelta al Aneto certainly tests your knowledge of mountaineering, which is essential for maximum safety. It also offers views of several lakes and the most stunning high mountain scenary.

Over 700 runners participated in this race, which was won by Diego Gómez with an impressive time of 7:50:06. This race provides runners with 4 points for qualifying in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

The starting point is again, the village of Benasque and this route is also part of the famous GR11 hiking trail. This race connects two valleys and their mountain huts; Estós and Angel Orús. Forest trails through the Valle de Estos lead to the famous summit of Tuca D’Ixeia (2837m). It then passes the Batisielles lakes before reaching La Plana pass, at 2708 m, which is the highest altitude of the race. Then the route reaches the Angel Orús hut before descending to Benasque along the Valle D'Eriste.

From, we want to thank all the volunteers who helped make this event happen. Their kindness, good humour and encouragement allowed Benasque Valley to enjoy a magnificent weekend. Thank you.

GTAP Volunteers


  • 1. DANIEL AMAT (Montañeros de Aragón de Barbastro) 17:10:28
  • 2. JULIÁN MORCILLO (C. Todovertical): 17:55:11
  • 3. JAIME BORDERA (independent): 17:55:11

  • 1. LOURDES PALAO (C Bocairent): 30:46:30
  • 2. TAIDA ÁLVAREZ (independent): 32:35:08
  • 3. ALMUDENA COXIOAS (Cuenca Dolomia): 33:56:49


  • 1. DIEGO GÓMEZ (GREIM de la Guardia Civil). 7: 50:06
  • 2. JUAN INVERNÓN (CD Bicha): 7:59:33
  • 3. SANTIAGO GRACIA (CD Javalambre): 8:00:51

  • 1. MIREN ANDUEZA (Peña Guara): 10.05:06
  • 2. RAQUEL LINARES (CD Arista): 10.28:54
  • 3. NATALIA ROMAN (independent): 10:30:20


  • 1. RAÚL GARCIA (Trangoworld): 4:39:41
  • 2. SERGIO CAZCARRO (Biofrutal): 4:58:08
  • 3. JUAN NAVARRO (CD Hoteles Ferrer): 4:58:09

  • 1. NURIA SIERRA (HINACO Monzón): 6:07:30
  • 2. PILAR PRADES (BIOFRUTAL): 6:19:07
  • 3. SUSANA VIDAL (C Solorunners) 6:51:49

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