How to Pack for a Day Hike

We normally have a better idea of what and how to pack in a backpack for a several day journey rather than for a single day. In light of not having to spend the night, most people decide to take very little water, food and maybe some warm clothing.

However, if the trek is through mountains, many things could happen along the way and it’s best to be prepared. Sudden weather changes, getting lost, any physical eventuality. Therefore, it is best to be prepared to face any event in safe conditions.

The video shows some things which most people pack for spending a day in the mountains (weatherproof jacket, food, etc.), but also others that are normally forgotten. This is a mistake. Some things can help us out in many situations, and even though it might not seem that way, they hardly add to the weight we already have to carry.

Although most people prefer to carry their mobile phone in their hand, taking photos, sending messages or making calls in areas with coverage, we have considered it as an essential safety element, along with the thermal blanket, basic first aid kit, additional water, whistle, energy bars and GPS. Hence, we would place it well protected in the middle area of the backpack, always turned off and fully charged. This will guarantee we can use it if we have a problem.

Remember to always tell someone where you are going...and have a great time!

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