Kilian Jornet, Bruchez and Montaz, extreme skiing Everest

After abandoning the summit project and not wanting to leave empty handed, the team turned to extreme skiing. A 800m descent on a 55º slope from 6900m.

Descent line from the 6900m summit
Neither Kilian Jornet, nor his team were inactive as they waited out the weeks at the Everest north base camp. The Catalan mountaineer spent his time preparing and training for the non-stop ascent-descent, from Rongbuk Monastery (the highest inhabited place in the world).

The team carried out several fast ascents to acclimatize, climbing up to 8000m, then going back down to rest at lower altitudes.

Unfortunately, due to the accumulation of snow, they were forced to make the decision to abandon the ascent. However, not wanting to leave empty handed, on 13th September, mountain guide and extreme skier Vivian Bruchez, Seb Montaz and Kilian Jornet decided to make a 800m descent on skis, down a 55º slope from a 6900m peak, which they had been contemplating from their tents during their time at base camp.

“When I reached the top of the snow slope, the accumulation of snow was terrifying”, said Vivian, “... Seb was below the serac with a knot in his stomach”. Kilian also found it terrifying, but his strength of mind allowed him to continue and reach the summit alone, while Seb and I waited below the serac, which was more intimidating up there compared to the view from below.

Without criticising: mountains are a free space where each person can choose his/her own path. Facing a risk is a personal decision and thanks to Kilian’s numerous solitary adventures, he has become a true expert in his field.”

Once together, the three mountaineers began the descent. According to Vivian, this would have been an aim in itself for many skiers, but for Kilian it was just another day. With the difference that this time he would get to share it with his team”.

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