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BLOG | NEWS | 20 July 2016

Video: Chris Sharma, Montrebei Project, Episode III

Chris Sharma and Klemen Becan take on the last pitch of their Montrebei project which is an 8c+, high above the ground.

In this instalment of the Montrebei Project, we get to see a little bit more of what Chris Sharma meant by saying: "It's like a new world, in no man's land. Much more than just rock climbing. It is a complete experience in nature," when referring to the great gorge located between Aragon and Catalonia.

There, they had the chance to enjoy the area, and with their small rafts and kayaks, (which they used many times to arrive to the route and other times for fun) they found the perfect places for soloing over fresh water. Along with them on the journey was Barques (Klemen’s dog), film-maker Ricardo Giancola and the legendary Australian photographer, Simon Carter.

As for the route, last spring they worked hard on all the pitches, and are now eager for the fall to come so they can complete their journey. “I think that we can climb it in one day for sure. If not, we will sleep on the edge and continue the next day to do everything. I am definitely sure that we can do it this year but if we can’t, well, the next summer” said Klemen.

The route, located on the Aragonese side of Congosto, is absolutely spectacular. It consists of six grades, 6c, 9a, 8b +, 8c, 8c, 8c + which are all varied and include multiple use of movements and techniques. Once ascended in its entirety, it might end up being one of the most difficult multi-pitches completed in the world. The bolts were placed there, from start to finish, by Chris Sharma.

Production:Ricardo Giancola
Chris Sharma Barcelona

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