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BLOG | NEWS | 11 August 2016

New Women’s Solo Speed Record of El Capitan’s the Nose

Miranda Oakley sets new speed record of The Nose and also becomes the first female to break the 24-hour threshold

New women’s record set on El Capitan. Photo: Pep Soldevila
Thirty two year old Miranda Oakley has broken the record for solo climbing El Capitan’s most popular route, The Nose in Yosemite Valley. Oakley accomplished the impressive feat in twenty one hours and fifty minutes, breaking the previous record of twenty four hours and thrity nine minutes set by Chantal Astorga in 2014. In the process, she also became the first woman to break the twenty four hour threshold.

Miranda is one of the top American climbers at the moment and has opened difficult routes around the world over the past few years. Oakley is one of the only full-time female guides in Yosemite Valley and is an obvious inspiration to other female climbers.

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