Kilian Jornet Postpones Everest Record Attempt due to Bad Weather -

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BLOG | NEWS | 11 August 2016

Kilian Jornet Postpones Everest Record Attempt due to Bad Weather

The large accumulation of snow on Everest has forced Kilian Jornet to postpone his ascent-descent attempt without oxygen.

Kilian Jornet acclimatising in Langtang
Due to poor conditions and the mountain being heavily covered with snow, Kilian Jornet and his team had to make the difficult decision of postponing the ascent-descent, without oxygen, for another season. Jornet had been training and acclimatizing on the mountain for about three weeks, preparing for a speed-record attempt of the world's highest peak, yet recent heavy snowfall made conditions unsafe, leading Jornet to call off the attempt.

“During the first few weeks we were acclimatising well and the conditions were good. However, when we were getting ready to prepare the attempt the weather began to change. There were some heavy snow storms and a large accumulation of snow. As a result, although we were in good physical shape, there was a high risk of avalanches and in the absence of good safety conditions it was impossible to climb” he said through a post on his Summits of My Life website.

He went on to say “There’s a sense of frustration because we’re well acclimatised and we feel good but it would have exposed us to too much risk. Nevertheless, we’re happy because it’s been a very positive experience in which we’ve learnt a lot. Being alone on Everest is incredible as there was no one else there. Now we’ll go home to recover and plan the future. I think that if we come back there are some things we would change but it’s been a great experience and a good lesson for next time.”

Kilian, along with the rest of his team from the Summits of My Life project: UIAGM guide Jordi Tosas, guide and extreme skier Vivian Bruchez, and cameraman Sébastien Montaz, have all agreed to make the attempt of completing the project in the near future, hoping that they can make improvements based on their experiences this year.

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