Petzl GriGri +

If you’re a climber of any kind there’s probably no need to introduce Petzl’s GriGri belay system.

The original model hit the market in 1991 and revolutionized sports climbing with its automatic braking system; the model was instantly successful and was sold with no modifications until 2011, when the GriGri 2 was launched – the new model included a few modifications but kept the structure and shape of the first model essentially in place.

Today, we present the GriGri +, which keeps the classic safety features of the first and second model with two extremely interesting updates.
  • One of the new features is an anti-panic system that has been added to the release lever. This new system eliminates the risk of free fall when climbers descend; if a belayer pulls back too hard on the lowering handle (release) the device will lock the rope and block the descent.
  • Another improvement is the ability to switch between two positions: a top-rope belay and a lead climbing belay. The belay features a blocking system to prevent accidental descents.
    The new model also makes it easier to take up slack while belaying a climber on lead.
  • New stainless steel wear plates have also been designed to protect the rope from wear, an issue with the GriGri 2, particularly. These plates minimizes rubbing to the max.
  • The GriGri+ is also optimized for rope sizes ranging from 8.9 to 10.5 mm.
These new upgrades with the GriGri+ provide enhanced safety and ease paired with the same efficiency as Petzl’s previous models.

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