The Latest Freeze-dried Mountain Meals. For all Situations.

The latest freeze-dried meals for mountaineering: top quality, healthy and lightweight.

Freeze-dried food
Freeze-dried food for mountaineering and expeditions did not have a great reputation in the past. It reached the stage where it almost disappeared from the shelves and was only popular for polar expeditions, for example, where no alternative was available.

The current situation has changed substantially and offers many benefits, such as weight, efficiency and hygiene.

Here at Barrabes, we have decided to focus on the brand Trek ‘n’ Eat, a German company of the Katadyn group, which differs from most brands regarding the quality and efficacy of its preparation. Since 1928,Katadyn has mainly been known for developing water purification systems for outdoor use and is well known for its tablets, filters and the new Steripen system. If you’d like to know more about purifying water, read our article on How to Purify Water Outdoors.

Why Trek ‘n’ Eat?

  • They have the All Natural seal: no artificial preservatives, colorants or flavor enhancing additives are used.
  • The dishes are tasty; meal options are from around the world and include a good vegetarian range.
  • Freeze-drying is the process of removing water from a product by freezing it then subliming the ice to vapor. Once rehydrated with hot water, the food maintains the flavor, texture, minerals and vitamins.
  • It keeps for up to 3 years in the packet
  • This system means you do not need to lug around pots and pans or spend time washing up after a meal.
  • Each of the dishes clearly specifies the calories and they provide a lot of energy: they are designed to cover the daily needs of mountain activity.
  • Flat packaging means they take up very little space in your pack.
  • They require very little cooking fuel
  • The packets are resealable.
    • How is Trek ‘n’ Eat Food Dehydrated?

      It is based on the unique physical characteristics of water. Oxygen is removed in a chamber, and replaced by nitrogen (70 percent), the food is immediately frozen. It is then introduced into a vacuum chamber, and the frozen water is transformed directly into gas (steam) by sublimation, so that the water in the food does not thaw, but instead, evaporates.

      And that’s how it works.

      How is Trek ‘n’ Eat Food Rehydrated

      Simply by adding hot water up to the line indicated on the packet.

      Why are Pots and Pans not Required?

      The bottom of the Trek ''n'' Eat packets is very resistant, waterproof, flat and with no edges to prevent damage during transport in your backpack. Once opened, a base is created so that it stands alone.

      Once placed on the appropriate surface, just open the packet at the top and pour water up to the line. It can be eaten directly from the packet.

      Many high performance, lightweight, compact stove systems include the pot in the design and these take up little room in your pack (MSR reactor, Jetboil) (we recommend you to read the article on How to choose a Stove and Utensils for Outdoor Cooking). These are great for heating water to make a hot freeze-dried meal, without the need of plates, pots and pans or washing up.

      In addition, due to the fast water boiling time of these new stoves, fuel consumption is minimal compared to the time required for normal cooking, which means fewer cannisters are needed in your pack.


      Whether you are on an expedition or a single or multi-night trek in the mountains, these packs save a great deal of space and weight in your backpack, without neglecting your nutritional needs, ensuring you get hot, healthy meals that provide the calories you need at a limited weight and volume.

      On short, one-night trips, this type of food is not so necessary, as food does not have to be preserved for such a short time. But they are an excellent option on longer treks.

      They are also very popular with vegetarians, as vegetarian or vegan food takes up more space. These dishes guarantee fresh ingredients, without additives that are high in calories and low in weight and volume; this is perfect for backpacking.

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