The North Face Thermoball Pro

With an improved quilting system to reduce cold spots and superior finishing and inner fabric, the Thermoball Pro is a top of the range lightweight synthetic insulated jacket.

Thermoball Pro. Designed to eliminate cold spots, the bottleneck quilting pattern is clearly visible.
The stitching pattern on insulated items, such as jackets or sleeping bags has always been a cause for research. This has resulted in some brands discovering new quilting designs that are able to reduce the fill weight of a sleeping bag by up to 25% without losing out on warmth properties and with the same quality of down.

This winter will be the third season for the “synthetic down”, known as Thermoball, created by Primaloft in collaboration with The North Face and the latest creations are divided into two ranges.

Thermoball Pro

Thermoball Pro is top of the range and boasts a new bottleneck quilting design that no longer divides the insulation into squares, resulting in the elimination of cold spots. As you can see in the photo above, the design consists of parallel ondulating stitching that doesn't cross at any point.This new system provides a notable increase of the warmth to weight ratio in comparison to the original Thermoball design. Other features have also been improved, such as the finishing, lining fabric and overall design.

Thermoball Sport

The original design of the Thermoball has been renamed as “Thermoball Sport”. This has the original quilting pattern and is designed for casual use in less extreme conditions. Although the Thermoball Pro offers higher performance, the Thermoball Sport is more than sufficient for most situations and at a more affordable price.

Thermoball with the classic quilting design

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