The North Face Cobra 60 pack

The North Face Cobra 60 pack - maybe one of the most versatile and modular packs of this size we've ever seen.

In a way, it could be defined as a cargo pack with summit pack possibilities. This, together with its extreme comfort and carry system, make it an excellent choice for multi-day activities or activities which require you to carry a larger load (due to the weather or terrain) than one that would fit in the smaller packs, more commonly used.

Any bad points? Yes, maybe inevitably: the great number of gear carriers and its modular system mean that users who don't need all of these features will find themselves with a pack that has too many straps (this becomes more obvious, the larger the pack), which can sometimes be irritating as they hang loose. In order to make it more attractive for non-technical activities, it would be more convenient if you could remove some of these straps beforehand.

All in all, a great technical pack that, due its versatility and modular setup, will suit you for multi-day adventures involving different activities such as mountaineering, backcountry trekking, ski touring, and rock climbing.

The North Face - COBRA 60

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