Video: Ventrix Jacket, The North Face. Adjustable heat?

The Ventrix system, by The North Face provides self-regulation of heat depending on whether we are stationary or active.

To start with, this is a fibre-lined jacket, similar to modern athletic designs that can be used as a 2nd or 3rd layer. But it incorporates a fundamental difference: all of the interior fibre is filled with micro-perforations, similar to blade slices.

When stationary, these perforations remain closed, and the jacket is like any other. But as soon as we start to move, the fibre stretches and contracts, the perforations open and close, allowing heat and moisture to vent. This regulates the inside temperature.

The Ventrix jacket by The North Face has been tested as an inner layer in very cold conditions, with good results. So, David Göttler wore it when he climbed the south face of the Shisha Pangma in alpine in 13 hours along with Hervé Barmasse.

For our part, during these autumn conditions, we have been able to test it on several occasions, and indeed, we noticed the self-regulation. This doesn’t mean it can be worn all the time: in cold situations, this will avoid us from having to take off and put on garments so often, and it will help us to avoid overheating.

However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t a warm garment. It’s purpose is to improve our comfort in situations in which we need a jacket.

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