Video-test: Arc’teryx Bora AR 50 Backpack

A full-suspension backpack that balances your gear and enhances mobility while carrying heavy loads.

The new Bora AR 50 Backpack from Arc'teryx is a true workhorse for climbers and mountaineers.

It has everything you could ask for: ultra-durable yet extremely lightweight fabric to reduce chaffing, waterproof in areas exposed to the elements, sealed seams, and a full list of everything you need in a backpack.

But if anything sets this backpack apart, it is its advanced back panel and particularly its RotoGlide™ hipbelt system, which you can see in the video.

The ergonomic and adjustable back panel features a ventilated and rigid system that makes it possible for the backpack to keep its shape and keep air circulating while carrying a full load.

The RotoGlide system is the key: a 4-way suspension system (rotates side-to-side and glides up and down) makes tradition problems with balance during strenuous activity, when the weight of the pack works against you, a thing of the past while cushioning the rocking the body makes with each step.

How does it perform in the field? Effectively. The first thing you notice is the feeling that you’re carrying less weight than you really are. When you’re on the go it truly helps during those movements where a normal backpack would be destabilizing. The effect is subtle, which is good: the backpack moves, but in a smooth and balanced way.

And step by step you notice that you’re less tired, the backpack staying snug on the shoulders with every swing, with every step. You can truly feel how it cushions your body as you walk, something you’ll be thankful for at the end of the day.

A good example of how the backpack moves, helping the body fight against the destabilizing weight that can exert force in the wrong direction, can be seen in the final scenes of the video: notice the subtle movement that gently balances the backpack and helps to keep it from shifting as the skier descends.

Since the durability of the system remains to be seen, we’ll refrain from commenting on it now.

Arc'Teryx Bora AR 50


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