Video-test: Scarpa F1 Manual System

The F1 is a balanced ski touring boot that combines uphill comfort with the support of a rigid boot on the descent.

When the Scarpa F1 ski touring boot came out last year, it had an innovative automatic system for switching from ski to walk mode. Although there were a few drawbacks when we tested it, it gave positive results and the model we used worked perfectly.

However, there were some problems with other models and this led to Scarpa re-designing the system for this season. For now, the boots are made with a manual system to prevent those problems from recurring.

Scarpa had versatility in mind when designing this boot. We could say it lies halfway between the Maestrale (for freeride and downhill) and the Alien (for uphill and competition). The result is outstanding: for touring boots, the uphill comfort is exceptional and they also provide the security of a rigid boot on the descent. Extreme tourers may prefer a boot that excels on the descent, but most skiers enjoy a boot that offers a balance between ascent-descent.

The comfortable fit is achieved by the BOA system, which distributes pressure evenly to give a glove-like fit. This system has been tried and tested for years on trail running shoes and although it looks a bit weak on first impression, in practice, it stands up to intense use extremely well. The carbon shell provides lateral stiffness for good power transmission.

As we mentioned, the Scarpa F1 was designed to be versatile. After use, we can affirm that although it is halfway between a boot for downhill and a boot for competition, in the end, the exceptional comfort it offers on the ascent makes it an excellent boot for uphill and competition.

Scarpa- F1 Evo


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