Video-test: Sky Carbon Trekking Poles from Camp

Ultralight trekking and hiking poles that can be folded into three sections and are height adjustable like any other finished pole.

The Sky Carbon trekking poles are ultralight poles used for trekking and hiking. They can be folded into three sections, only taking up 36 cm of space, and are height adjustable as with any other finished pole. Their versatility allowed us to use them for several activities which we enjoyed on the mountain terrain.

They are not trail running poles as they are a little on the heavier side for such an activity. They are specifically designed for trekking and can be used for hiking and snow touring. They can be folded into three sections occupying only 36 cm of space while also being height adjustable. It is hard to find a model with these capabilities on the market.

A pair of these poles weighs in at just 377 grams and they are constructed with carbon. They include a finished handle and three easily interchangeable baskets making them an excellent choice for those who do not want to give up the benefits of a classic trekking pole (strength and adjustability) but prefer a system that takes up little space when folded and has little weight: they are just 190 grams each pole.

We found the Sky Carbon poles to be extremely well designed and built. Changing the basket is quick and simple, the click adjustment is nice and easy, and the stiffness can be regulated with an internal tensor cable. The handles are finished and comfortable, as well as the strap handles. The ultra-hard tip is made of tungsten carbide and can be removed or replaced for when it wears out.

Based on all of this, we can recommend them for trekking, hiking and snowshoeing. They can even be used for skiing but keeping in mind that they are not as rigid as one or two section poles.

Regarding mountain and trail runners, it is true that there are specific poles that weigh up to twenty five percent less that could be ideal. However, it is also true that these types of poles, due to their lack of strength among other things, are better to be used by experts. All in all, the Sky Carbon poles are ideal for beginner runners and those who run through complex terrain, where the poles are needed more often and where time is not a factor.

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