Video: Chris Sharma - Mont Rebei Project, Episode II

The second installment in this series of videos from Chris Sharma, where the American living in Barcelona is performing in Congosto Montrebei on the Pared de Aragón

The route is spectacular and includes seven long pitches of 6c, 9a, 8b+, 8c, 8c, 7b, 8c+ that are quite varied with multiple movements and techniques needed, as Chris describes at the beginning of the video. He is attempting the route with Klemen Becan.

Their fascination of Congosto does not end with this route. They have the habit of kayaking from the parking lot, instead of using the excavated path on the Catalan side of the gorge, or using the stairs leading from Monfalco on the Aragonese side. This has led them to discover a place that, in the words of Klemen “is unique in the world”, with several possibilities including soloing. In fact, in upcoming videos, both can be seen practicing this speciality.

As Chris Sharma mentioned in the first video, they are fascinated by this place: “It was an incredible discovery. Of course, there have been climbers for generations there, but I was unaware of the location. The first time I saw it I was stunned by those amazing big walls. Every time I go I fall more in love with Montrebei. It is a spectacular place, with its large walls, green river and snowcapped Pyrenees in the background.”

The excitement is guaranteed, which is one of the most difficult multi-long pitches in the world. In the video, you can see the pair of consecutive jumps they have to complete at the beginning of the fifth pitch, leading to some falls that are about to cause heart attacks to hikers and tourists who pass through the Catalan side.

The project started about five years ago when Chris added the bolts to the route. Klemen Becan says that looking from below, in some places, he doesn’t know how it is even possible to climb and Sharma confirmed that, for someone who comes from the sport, he needed to use all of his technique, strength and experience in order to accomplish this feat.

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