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E9. Bouldering Products Made in Italy by a World Champion

If you take a look at the history of many of the brands that we sell at Barrabes, you will notice that quite often, most of them have been in existence for over a hundred years.

They started with mountaineering, and not only grew with it, but in turn made it grow with their solutions which allowed climbers to overcome previously unthinkable challenges. We can think of Edelrid -who started making mountain ropes in 1863-, CAMP -which made their first products in 1889-, Scarpa -whose first boots were sewn in 1938-, La Sportiva -which was created in 1928-, or Grivel -whose first tools were created in 1818.

As we all know, things evolve and new techniques are created by younger generations. When talking about the mountains, first there was mountaineering, hiking, trekking and approaches which then evolved to bouldering. What began as a training for certain climbing situations, evolved into a category in itself with its own rules, goals and climbing materials.

The Italian Mauro Calibani was one of those innovative young people who one day went looking for rocks to climb in the forests of Meschia, and eventually who took his dream so far as to be a world champion in bouldering... in addition to being the founder of E9. Who better than him to know the needs of boulderers, both technically and aesthetically?

“In 1997 bouldering was entering its second life. Unaware of what would later develop into a great movement, I found Meschia, a mesmering forest in central eastern Italy. Soon it became the Italian and European rock Mecca for bouldering.”

E9 has always been based on “Made in Italy” production. The manufacturing process of their items is located in Italy. "Made in Italy” means the best materials combined with Italian creativity and continuous innovation to ensure exclusive and unique products.

The production cycle takes place within a few km in the district of the company since they have always been aiming for quality, sustainability of the environment and recovery and development of the local supply chain. By using a zero km concept, E9 is committed to give a contribution to our hosting planet.

Their climbing pants and shirts are sturdy, technical and made with an unmistakable style that identifies with the dreams of thousands of climbers all over the world.

From the rock to the rock. As Calibani affirms, "the brand was born with me and grew as I was filling with creativity and energy from the soft and rounded sandstones that I caressed every day while climbing."

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