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Men's mountain, ski & climbing clothing; comfortable, technical and safe

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The evolution of men's clothing for climbing, mountaineering, skiing and mountain racing has been so dramatic that it has been partly responsible for the resulting evolution in modern alpine climbing.

Highly technical and efficient garments, jackets and trousers that have got lighter and lighter, permitting a freedom of movement which was unimaginable just 10 years ago, and which not only protect against the elements but also breathe. Baselayers and t-shirts that keep us dry, softshells and fleeces that are both warm and's hard to imagine climbing, freeride skiing or doing fast & light alpine activities & modern mountain racing in the same kind of clothing that was around a few decades ago.

This evolution is the fruit of endless Research & Development (R+D), but it is also the consequence of the historical collaboration which took place between the greatest mountaineers at the time and top mountaineering brands. Here at Barrabes, we've always tried to attract the best brands, the most innovative, brands that develop their equipment year after year in the most advanced R+D departments, tried and tested by the most experienced mountaineers, climbers and skiers during the toughest and most extreme conditions on earth.

When talking about clothing for climbing, mountaineering & skiing most people think shell jackets and pants with a waterproof & breathable membrane, such as Gore-Tex®, are the latest advancement. But a much water has passed under the bridge since.

Let's think about what it meant, not long ago, to have to use a cotton tee during intense activity; it would soak up sweat, getting heavier and heavier, feeling cold and wet against our skin. Nowadays modern fibres dry extremely fast and regulate the body temperature so that we stay dry and comfortable throughout the most demanding activities. And it can be used either as a baselayer in winter or as a single layer for Summer activities.

Or let's take a look at the revolution caused by the polar fleece, that dries almost instantly and offers an outstanding combination of warmth to weight, without restricting body movement.

But maybe, the most advanced technology during the past few years has been the creation of hybrid clothing: Mid/shell jackets and pants that are not totally waterproof, but are enough to protect against the wind, cold, light rain and snow and are ideal for using most days of the year, when conditions are not extreme and total rain protection isn't necessary. The name given to this clothing was the Softshell, which contrasted with the totally waterproof Hardshell, and it has gone on to become absolutely irreplaceable today.

Climbers, mountaineers, skiers, trail runners...have all benefited in some way from the great advancements in mountain clothing, and the suffering it caused in the past has been almost forgotten. Advancements that have allowed us to get much more enjoyment and comfort from our activities than ever before.

We're proud to present you with our selection of the best clothing currently available: we're sure you'll find it totally reliable on all your mountain activities, whatever the conditions and wherever you go.
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